Shipping Notice

Our fulfilment partners are experiencing delays in despatch on some orders.

We understand that waiting can be as frustrating as watching paint dry – and trust us, we're not enjoying the delay either! But rest assured, we're actively working to expedite the processing of delayed orders to minimise the wait and get your package to you as quickly as possible.


  • We are using all of our fulfilment centres around the world to assist in sending delayed orders to our customers.
  • 5% of our orders are delayed over 2 weeks from order date.
  • We are honouring refund requests for unfulfilled orders affected by the despatch delays.
  • To expedite any refund requests, please contact us directly as disputing payments directly with your bank may extend the refund process.
  • Our customer service team is available 24/7 and are here to answer any of your questions or concerns.

** Last updated 26/02/2024 **